• Mediterranean style villa in a privileged location with stunning panoramic views
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Mediterranean style villa in a privileged location with stunning panoramic views

This Mediterranean-style property on a 6,000 m² plot is located high up on a mountain behind Roca Llisa.
From there, you can enjoy panoramic views over the beautiful green natural surroundings, the golf course of Roca Llisa and even the sea.
The property has its own well and an official license for touristic rentals.


The property is close to Roca Llisa, not far from the only golf course on Ibiza, on a hillside.
Both Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia are about 10 minutes away, which is very advantageous.

Property description

Already from the entrance, the property impresses with its elaborate natural stone walls, which surround the entire outdoor area. At night they are just as impressively highlighted with spots as well as the beautiful palm trees. Together with the illuminated pool, there is a wonderful atmosphere in the evening and at night.

The outdoor area not only has a large pool, but also numerous terraces on different levels, so that various reclining areas, chill zones etc. are available.
The area behind the house offers parking space for at least 4-6 cars.
There is also a garage for one vehicle.

The villa itself has several living areas and a dining area with adjoining kitchen.
There are also 3 well-sized bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as a guest suite with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

  • Price: 3.400.000,- €
  • m² built: 386 m2
  • Region: Roca Llisa
  • m² plot: 5.200 m2
  • Ref.: CC239
  • Bedrooms: 5


- completely surrounded by natural stone walls

- elaborately designed entrance with automatic gate

- high quality exterior with large pool

- impressive outdoor lighting

- generous parking facilities

- own well with license

- license for touristic rental available

- central heating + air condition

- outdoor kitchen / BBQ


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