Gastronomy of Ibiza

Ibiza's gastronomy is very diverse and varied.

There is a corresponding offer on almost all beaches, starting with the simple beach restaurant with plastic chairs but one of the best paellas on the island, upscale restaurants with good international cuisine and the trendy beach club with a jet set crowd. The offer is so diverse that everyone can find something suitable and there is hardly anything better than a delicious meal with a view of the sea and your feet in the sand.

In addition to the topic of beach gastronomy, which often takes place during the day, there are numerous other gastronomic offers on Ibiza.
There are the most expensive restaurant in the world (Sublimotion) with menus for 1,500 € or numerous upscale restaurants around Ibiza Town, the marina or some exquisite restaurants in the countryside. The center of Santa Gertrudis is also known for its lively gastronomic scene.

Ibiza was part of the hippie trail in the 1960s and many hippies have stayed and shaped the island, especially the center and the east / northeast of the island. The gastronomic scene is also influenced by this and there is a very large range of restaurants with organic cuisine in northern Ibiza, some with home-grown ingredients, e.g. La Paloma near San Lorenzo.

In the towns of Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town, but also in some smaller towns or on well-frequented connecting roads, there are many restaurants that are open all year round, often with down-to-earth Spanish or Mediterranean cuisine, which offer good food quality and, overall, an excellent price-performance ratio. There are often lunch menus, e.g. you can get a menu with starter, main course, dessert (e.g. salad, gallo fish with oven-cooked vegetables and potato slices and Greixonera or Flan) as well as bread and coffee in Santa Eulalia for € 10.50. To prefer are restaurants that are also open in winter. The quality is usually right here, otherwise the restaurant could not survive in winter.