New construction of a villa or finca

Those interested in real estate who want to build a villa or finca on their own must not only keep an eye on the costs and risks, but also on the timeline:
The application for a construction license takes around 2 years, even in urban areas. In the country, for example when building a finca, it is often a few months more.
In addition to the construction time of around 12-18 months, it is also necessary to wait several months for the construction end papers, which takes another 6 months, often longer.
All in all, it often takes 4-5 years from the decision to buy a property to moving in. Understandably, our clients therefore generally prefer to buy existing properties.
A major advantage of building a villa or finca on your own is the prospect of a significant increase in value, which can certainly be a consolation for the long waiting time. However, it must be taken into account that a lot of capital is tied up over a long period of time, which could possibly have been invested in other profitable ways.