• Impressive mansion with sea views and Dalt Vila views
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Impressive mansion with sea views and Dalt Vila views

This property is one of the most outstanding estates in Ibiza.
It is situated in a privileged location within a secured luxury urbanization near Ibiza Town and offers, in addition to an attractive sea view and Dalt Vila view, an impressively high-quality architecture in a Mediterranean finca style with exceptional room sizes and high ceilings.


The villa is perfectly located - in a separate area of a 24-hour secured luxury urbanization, which guarantees tranquility and privacy.
At the same time, Ibiza Town with all the relevant hotspots is less than 10 minutes away. It couldn't be better.
The Southern orientation guarantees sun from the morning until the evening.

Property description

This mansion sits on a plot of 2.815 m² and is one of the largest estates within the urbanization.
The villa offers a living space of more than 650 m², which includes impressively spacious living and dining areas as well as 6 large bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
A special architectural highlight is the high tower in the centre of the house: With its elaborately integrated windows, it emits bright daylight onto the dining area from above, creating a very special atmosphere.

The outdoor area complies with the high standards and stands out with impressively dimensioned covered terraces, spacious garden areas, as well as a high-quality pool area with a heated pool.

The technical equipment also leaves nothing to be desired and, in addition to the fully integrated air conditioning system, there is an oil central heating system, so that pleasant living comfort can be ensured at any time of the year.

Of course, this property also offers a double garage and several other parking spaces.

  • Price: 5.900.000,- €
  • m² built: 650 m2
  • Region: Ibiza Town
  • m² plot: 2.815 m2
  • Ref.: CC348
  • Bedrooms: 6


- privileged location

- attractive views

- high-quality architecture

- impressive room dimensions

- fully integrated air conditioning

- oil central heating system

- heated pool

- double garage + parking spaces


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