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This is a fantastic property located in the heart of Formentera in Cap de Barbaria on a plot of about 30.000 m². The structure emerges from the natural surroundings enjoying spectacular views of the magical rock of Es Vedra and the rest of Ibiza.

Due to its striking design, the 540 sqm villa blends into the landscape. This one-of-a-kind property is located near the wonderful beach of Cala Saona.

Property description

Inside, the tasteful decor is a sophisticated mix that blends contemporary architecture with vintage décor and bespoke furnishings. The overall design concept is one of continuous, bright and vast open-spaces symbiotic with the external areas out on to which they flow effortlessly.

>From the roof terrace guests can be thrilled by a phenomenal sea and 360 view of the island panorama, which alone makes stays at this impressive residence an all the more unforgettable experience.

Overall, there is ample space in which to enjoy the company of others without feeling crowded, and also to find a comfortable corner for more private rest and relaxation.

The property contains state-of-the-art technology and the extraordinary bonus of a pool, facing west with views of the beautiful sunset which sets right next to Ibiza.

This spacious luxury villa is composed by two buildings: the main villa on two floors and the dependence on a single floor.

The property is arranged with 7 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms each with spectacular views of the sea, and with staff quarters in the basement floor.

The villa’s living room with dining area has a private outdoor terrace that is spacious enough to double as a private open lounge and romantic al-fresco dining area.

The main terrace is a wonderful social place and an ideal setting for large private dinners with unique sunset sea views of Es Vedra.

The TV area offers privacy for lazy afternoons.

The villa is a private and paradisiacal haven, within an exclusive luxury retreat, and it is an elegant holiday home, particularly for a group of couples, friends, or a family who desire a fabulous setting with lots of space and opportunity for independence for private summer bliss.

Energy certificate in progress.

  • Price: 6.580.000,- €
  • m² built: 540 m2
  • Region: Formentera
  • m² plot: 30.000 m2
  • Ref.: CC408
  • Bedrooms: 10


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