• Perfectly renovated sea view villa close to Talamanca
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Perfectly renovated sea view villa close to Talamanca

This impressive and exclusive villa is situated in a fantastic location and offers stunning views of the sea and Formentera. Stretch out on one of the terraces and enjoy the Ibiza sun in style. This house, renovated in 2019 has 6 bedrooms and is equipped with the highest standard of materials, luxury appliances and home automation.

Property description

All sophisticated furniture are well-known brands and complete the amazing design by "Magisco design"⁠⁠.

Energy certificate in progress.

  • Price: 5.200.000,- €
  • m² built: 572 m2
  • Region: Talamanca
  • m² plot: 1.000 m2
  • Ref.: CC425
  • Bedrooms: 6


- central heating

- infinity pool

- outdoor kitchen

- garage

- alarm system

- license for touristic rentals


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